The University of San Francisco: College of Arts & Sciences

Financial Aid and Tuition

A graduate education is a significant investment in your future. There are financial aid opportunities available for students. The OneStop/Financial Aid Office at the University of San Francisco can help you explore options for financing your graduate studies.

Federal Student Loans for U.S. Students

U.S. Citizens and U.S. Permanent Residents are eligible for a federal Stafford loan of $20,500 for each year of graduate studies. In addition, the federal Grad PLUS loan program covers remaining tuition and living expenses.

Apply for U.S. federal student loans (Stafford and Grad Plus) at The school code for USF is 001325. Start your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as early as possible. The loan process takes up to 8 weeks. You can accept all, part or none of the federal loan offered to you. Questions? Please contact One Stop/Financial Aid at USF at 415.422.2020 or at

Please Note: There is no FAFSA deadline for graduate students; FAFSA deadlines apply only to undergraduate students.

USF – Scholarships and Assistantships

Each graduate program in the College of Arts and Sciences offers a limited number of partial scholarships. Program Scholarships range from $1,000 to $15,000. All applicants, U.S. and international, are considered for these scholarships at time of admission consideration. A separate application is not required. If you receive a Scholarship or Teaching/Research Assistantship, you are notified in your admission letter.

The following programs offer a limited number of Teaching or Research Assistantships to current students: Asia Pacific Studies, Computer Science, Economics, International and Development Economics, International Studies, and MFA in Writing.

The Biology and Chemistry programs offer full-tuition scholarships to all admitted students; there is no tuition cost for Biology and Chemistry students. These scholarships do not cover living expenses, books, student health insurance or other non-tuition expenses. The Biology and Chemistry programs offer Teaching Assistantships to most of their graduate students, which help pay for living expenses.

Fellowships and Scholarships for Women

International Student Resources

The following is a list of scholarship, grant or loan opportunities for graduate study by organizations not associated with USF:

Region Specific Resources

Resources for U.S. Students

The following are scholarship, grant and loan opportunities offered to U.S. domestic students by organizations not associated with USF:

Yellow Ribbon Program

USF participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program for U.S. Veterans. The V.A. determines the number of slots available for each university, and several Yellow Ribbon awards are available each year for graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Please visit Veteran Affairs.

Listserves for Scholarship Searches

Tuition and Fees

Graduate Program Estimated Units in First Year
(Cost per unit $1,245)
First-Year Tuition for 2015-2016 Academic Year
Estimated Second-Year Costs
Analytics 29 $36,105* $7,470
Asia Pacific Studies 18 $22,410 $12,450
Biology 12 $14,940 ($0 with scholarship) $14,940 ($0 with scholarship)
Biotechnology 18 $22,410 $22,410
Chemistry 12 $14,940 ($0 with scholarship) $14,940 ($0 with scholarship)
Collegiate Athletics 17 $21,165 $21,165
Computer Science 18 $22,410 $22,410
Economics 18 $22,410 $18,675
Environmental Management 16 $19,920 $17,430
International and Development Economics 18 $22,410 $22,410
International Studies 24 $29,880 $4,980
Migration Studies 17 $21,165 $21,165
Museum Studies 28 $34,860 $4,980
Public Affairs 18 $22,410 $22,410
Sport Management 18 $22,410 $22,410
Urban Affairs 18 $22,410 $22,410
Writing 15 $18,675 $22,410
Please Note: Tuition estimate is based on typical number of units (credits) for one year of studies in each program. Tuition may vary per student according to number of actual enrolled classes.
*The total tuition cost for the 35-unit, 4-semester MS Analytics program is $43,575.
AGSUSF (Associated Graduate Students of USF) fee of $25 is applied each fall and spring semester for a total annual fee of $50. This fee funds activities and events of the Associated Graduate Students.

Living Costs and Health Insurance

The living costs below are estimated for one year of studies for each program.

& Biology*  
9-Month Programs**
12-Month Programs***
Living Expenses - estimate includes rent (housing), food and student health insurance $13,315 $16,130 $20,660
Other Expenses - estimate includes books and supplies, local transit pass, and personal expenses (Clothing, Laundry, Entertainment, etc.) $4,515 $3,630 $4,515
Total $17,830 $19,760 $25,175

* Living expenses for Biology and Chemistry listed here may be partially covered with funds provided by Teaching Assistantships.
** 9-month programs include: Asia Pacific Studies, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Economics, Environmental Management, International and Development Economics, International Studies, Migration Studies, Public Affairs, Urban Affairs, and Web Science.
*** 12-month programs include: Analytics, Museum Studies, Sport Management and Writing.

Student Health Insurance – The USF health insurance policy is required for graduate students, unless if a student is covered by equivalent insurance coverage. USF health insurance is charged for fall (Aug 1 - Dec 31) enrolled students and spring (Jan 1 - Jul 31) enrolled students. It is not charged or required for students who start their program in the summer until the fall enrollment period begins August 1. An explanation of the Waiver policy and process is provided here.

Payment Plans

Payment policies, billing, methods of payment, payment plans, and refunds are administered by the Student Accounts Office in One Stop. The One Stop Office in Lone Mountain Room 251 may be contacted at 415.422.2020 or at Learn more about One Stop's payment plans.

Student Employment at USF

The University offers a significant number of student jobs on campus. Both U.S. and international students are eligible for student employment and can apply for these jobs once enrolled at the university.