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How to Buy using a PO (Purchase Order)

Purchasing Policy  
PO Terms & Conditions   
Modify/Cancel a PO  
A Purchase Order (PO) is an authorized contract to spend University monies.  To initiate a Purchase Order, a requesting department must submit a Purchase Requisition  to the Purchasing Services Office.  Once the requisition is received, the sourcing process begins.   We utilize preferred vendors & manufacturers to provide you with contract and discounted pricing.   Our role is to manage the lifecycle of your order: specification, placement, delivery coordination, and invoice approval.
The benefit is for your department – to maximize your budgets, streamline processes, and have a one-stop reference utilizing SSB at your fingertips.

A Purchase Order is required for:  

  1. Procurement of the following items regardless of amount:
  • Computers and peripherals including printers
  • Office equipment
  • Copiers and fax machines
  • Computer software
  • Scientific equipment, chemicals, and lab supplies
  • Stationery & business cards
  • Promotional Items
  • Advertising (print, radio, television)
  • Printing
  • Furniture
  • Appliances (refrigerators, fans, heaters, microwaves, etc)

2.  All other purchases greater than $1,000

Effective 11/19/2008, departments may not use competitor vendors for items that are currently covered under contract nor items that do not follow University standards (such as computers or furniture).  –Division of Business & Finance

Please note that a University-issued Purchasing Card (P-Card) is used for the payment of goods and services for out-of-pocket expense reports.  Please see B&F's brochure on Procurement vs Payment.